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Widely anticipated update to popular FileMaker Pro jump-start solution shown for first time


Miami, Fla., July 16, 2012 – Excelisys, Inc. will unveil the eX-BizTracker 4, the popular, easy to use solution for small to medium size businesses with tons of new features & functionality based on the recent release of FileMaker Pro 12 at the FileMaker Developer Conference here.


New features added to the eX-BizTracker 4 include:


Under The Hood:


  • Development standards modeled after recommendations at filemakerstandards.org.
  • Primary keys using the Get(UUID) function for simplified synchronization with offline devices.
  • Redesigned user interface, fewer layout elements by using enhanced layout options in FileMaker 12.
  • Streamlined relationships graph by using ExecuteSQL command to access data without extra table occurrences.
  • Significantly fewer fields throughout, moving most standard routines to custom functions.
  • Making use of merge variables on layouts.
  • Fewer scripts through script parameters, allowing similar scripts to be reused throughout the solution.
  • Secure record editing by way of view and edit layouts for each data type.



Usability Features and Functionality:


  • Complete CRM to manage both companies/organizations and individuals/people.
  • Multiple addresses and methods of contact for each, activity log, reminders, and email.
  • Integrated document management and storage to keep your scanned hardcopies or other electronic files linked with your customers, orders, invoices, PO’s or products, with optional encryption.
  • Track products (goods, services and fees) along with inventory mgmt.




Customers (companies or people), Vendors, Products, Documents, Orders, Invoices, PO’s, Inventory, Bills, Shipments, Reports, Preferences (settings and users)



eX-BizTracker 4 is based on two of the original Excelisys FileMaker Business Tracker versions; BizTracker Pro and eX-BizTracker v3.0. Nearly 95,000 users have downloaded the FileMaker Business Tracker (created by Excelisys for FileMaker Inc.), becoming one of the most popular free templates available for download from FileMaker, Inc. Developers and end-users found the GUI and feature-set very attractive, as it offered their clients and employers a “jump-start” advantage in building intuitive custom solutions.


Excelisys made several needed improvements to the original FileMaker Business Tracker and released their own versions in 2006 called the Excelisys Business Tracker and Business Tracker Pro; incorporating the use of the Web viewer engine, a better multi-user foundation, tweaked report interface, AP and AR modules, and several other foundational enhancements.


Then in 2008, they added over 20 new enhancements, features, and functionality and released V2.0. Then again is 2010 Released V3.0 with even MORE features and functionality including a report module with eye-popping charts and graphs.


Now in 2012, Excelisys has upgraded it's flagship jump-start solution to take advantage of the many new features introduced in the newly released FileMaker Pro 12.


“Advancements in FileMaker 12 provide exciting opportunities for simplification of complex solutions. We have succeeded in adding long-awaited features while reducing the complexity of the solution as a whole.” says Doug West, Lead Developer with Excelisys on the eX-BizTracker 4 team and adds,  “With fewer fields, scripts, and table occurrences, it's now much easier for developers to understand the system at a glance and extend the functionality of the solution.”


To find out more - go to: (http://www.excelisys.com/ex-files-filemaker-solutions.php)


About Excelisys:

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