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How do I define or redefine a relationship so it will work again?

Question asked by fatchemist on Jul 17, 2012
Latest reply on Jul 18, 2012 by fatchemist

Folllowing is a layout segment used in my lab for formulation purposes:



The RM name is typed in and the RM code is populated from the raw material file:

I went to "Manage Database" for the lab book and highlighted "RM COde". and hit options.







I clicked on the specify button and went to the following screen:



I even went back and checked the relationship table:



To make a long story shorter, when I type in the Raw Material Name, it doesn't pull up the RM COde and leaves the field

blank. Any ideas regarding what I'm doing wrong. This is in Filemaker Pro 11 brought up from FMP.3. I will eventually

move everything to Filemaker 12 but have to demonstrate that I can make the move to version 11 work first. I am the

only individual in my company with any working knowledge of FilemalerPro and up to this point it has only been a

sideline job responsibility although it looks like it is going to get more in depth in the near future.


Thanks for all of your help,

larry Zolcienski