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    How can a script press a 'Continue' button?


      I can't seem to find an answer. This is probably a very basic question.


      In my solution, I switch layouts and wait for the user to create a new record.

      I'm using a "Pause/Resume Script" step that creates a 'Continue' button at the top of the screen.

      When the user is finished creating the new record, they press an 'OK' button.

      Since the 'Continue' button is still active. the user must also press Enter or Return to continue.

      Navigation buttons do not work until the 'Continue' button is dismissed.


      Question: Can the script dismiss the 'Continue' button when the user is finished?



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          When your "OK" button runs the script, one to of the options in the button setup window is to have it resume the script that was running originally.  This effectively presses the "continue" button for you.  Alternatively you can have it halt the previous script.


          If you are using FM 12, this process has become a little easier using modal windows, so that you no longer need to pause/continue the process.  Simply have the first script launch a modal window where your new record data is to be entered, and then have your "OK" button run a second script that verifies and processes the new data, then closes the modal window.  Tread carefully with the modal window,  always include a button to close the window during testing since you do not want to lock yourself into the modal window with no way of closing it and you will have to force quit FM.

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            In Layout Mode, when you double click on the button to set its options, there a "Current Script" drop down.  Set the "OK" button to "Resume" the current script insetad of the default "Pause".

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