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MySQL 5.1 View Problem

Question asked by ByteTheBullet on Jul 17, 2012

I have a MySQL 5.1 database that includes two views that I need to access via FileMaker's ESS. One of the views uses a procedure in it's definition. I have an account set up in the MySQL database that grants SELECT privileges on both views, as well as EXECUTE on the procedure used in the second view's definition. I've verified that the credentials work by using non-FileMaker tools to access the views in question.


In my FileMaker solution that needs to access these views, I cannot access the view that uses the procedure in it's definition. I consistently receive a permission denied error for this view, with a specific message about not having EXECUTE permission on the necessary procedure. I can, however, access the view that does *not* use a procedure in it's definition.


The exact same credentials *do* give me access to the second view via tools such as MySQL Workbench and dbVisualizer, but do not via FileMaker ESS. These credentials do give me access to the first view via FileMaker ESS.


Does FileMaker ESS not support views that use a procedure as part of their definition? Does anyone have any suggestions or troubleshooting tips? Thanks!