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    Unwanted ? results from privilege set restrictions


      I am trying to set up IWP access for data managers. I would like them to have access to a set of records associated with their account name. Their account name is an email address. They are allowed to see any record which can resolve this equation.


      get(AccountName) = Manager::email_id


      This works for some of the tables but not all of them. I'll describe the relationships is full below in the hope that someone can spot the issue.



      We are tracking service providers. Each service provider has a data manager who will login in and keep records up to date. On login, the user is shown the providers table and a search is performed to restrict the found set to the appropriate set.


      Data Structure

      All relations are based on equality. All _ids are numbers.


      The four tables are linked in this way.

      Manager - Provider - Location - Contact


      provider / manager (allow creation)

      Provider::provider_id = Manager::provider_id


      provider / locations (allow creation)

      Provider::provider_id = Location::provider_id


      location / contacts (allow creation)

      Location::provider_id = Contact::provider_id

      Location::location_id = Contact::location_id


      I have tested the data and keep getting the results that I expect. The data is built by the relations and testing reveals that the _id fields contain the correct data.


      When I log in using the IWP access privileges I get <<no access>> to the data in the Contacts table.