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export count error - semi-silent

Question asked by cortical on Jul 18, 2012
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FM11Adv on Mas OSX (10.7.4 and 10.6.8)


The file set is a data separation set and the issue is with the data file. A copy of the master set was loaded to a server ( FMS 11Adv on OSX) for testing the data in a new version, some data edits made , and a schedule used to save a backup. File data_source originates from the backup.


The data_source indicates 2089 records in the Projects table, but an import or export results in 2100 records. 11 invisible records are appearing in the output that are not indicated ( except for one instance) in the source.

No recover log or error is reported at any stage, back on the dev box importing the updated data into a clone of the dev master.



Importing data from a working file into a master



test 1

The source file is named source_data.fp7, and contains 2089 records as reported in the status bar and Manage database table details (image a). NOTE that the current record is 2100 of 2089 total.


The destination file is a clone of the master data file (image a)


An import results in 2100 records in the destination. ( image b)


test 2

A clone of the cloned master file is made and named target.fp7

The import is repeated and although the source status slider indicates 2089 total, the import result is 2100 ( image c)


test 3

a simple message get found count on the source_data

image d


test 4

an export from source_date results in 2100 record in the export file




So 11 records in the source file which the source file exports, but itself does not recognize



test 5 - save a copy of the source_data using copy_of current file

in the file 2089 records; result 2100 records


test 6

save a compacted copy of source_data, result 2089 records

the file size is noticeably smaller 51.6 MB cf 67.4 MB for the save compacted


test 7

export from the compacted copy; result 2100 records


test 8

repeat save compacted copy of source_data; result 2089 records


test 9

export from test 8 ; result 2100 records


test 10

quit FM, archive the source data, transfer the archive to a different computer, unzip

source = 2089

export = 2100


At this point there have been no recover logs or error messages at any process.


test 11

consistency check on the source_data file; 0 bad blocks


So the error would clearly appear to be in the source file but persists despite the variations.


The records are identifiable in the export as nulls ((image nulls), and can be deleted in the intermediate export, and the remainder presumptively valid records imported into the target.

This all make one rather uneasy. A somewhat occult corruption.