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    Layout navigation problem , always go to the last layout?




      My co-worker and I were working on the same file on the Filemaker Server 10, we both on "manage layouts" and i created a layout under my folderA, but it jumps to his folderB somehow, and some other layouts seems are not in the original order (don't know how and why), then we reordered the layouts, then , later we finds out that starting from a certern layout and below, when you select them from the Layout drop down menu, it all goes to the last layout !


      Hopefully it all make sence to you!


      Is there a way to fix this ?


      Or at least somebody had this problem before ?



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          OK, more search on the google once i find out it always start at layout 256,

          results found on filemaker website:


          Selecting a layout higher than 255 from the layout popup menu in the status area of FileMaker Pro for Windows results in being taken to the very last layout of the database. For example, in a database with 300 layouts, selecting layout number 260 from the layout menu would result in being taken to layout 300 in FileMaker Pro for Windows.


          This issue is not encountered in FileMaker Pro for Macintosh. For Windows based databases that have more than 255 layouts, scripts can still target the correct layout. A script that uses the "Go To Layout" step will go to the specified layout, even if it is above 255.

          FileMaker is aware of this issue with the FileMaker products listed



          The last update on that is Mar 22, 2012


          Is there a fix or any other way around this since then?