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Global Fields in Filemaker 12 Server not updating.

Question asked by on Jul 18, 2012
Latest reply on Sep 21, 2012 by james.gould

I seem to have found a bug with Global Fields in Filemaker Server: (or what have I done wrong) :-)


If I have a database on my computer that has global fields. They work properly, ie. if I change the value of the field, it changes in all the records, so far so good....


Now I put that databse on my Mac Mini Server and serve it up with Filemaker 12 Server, and something strange happens:


If I change the value of the global field, it will change in all the records (still so far so good), but when you log out, and then back in, they have all reverted to the original value, like you have not changed it at all.


Now it gets even more interesting:


Take the file off the server, bring it back to your desktop, open it without server, change the global value to something new, all records change. Now put it back on server, log back in, and the value you changed it to will be in all the records. But if you try and change it, it only stays changed while you are logged in...


My work around for this (for now), is that I set these global fields using the "set field" script step in my "new record" script. Luckily the users will not be setting the global variables, so I'm good for now, but obviously I'd like to see the globals work properly...



So is this a bug, or have I not configured something properly. I'm really hoping it's my mistake somewhere!



Thanks! :-)