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    Portal inside a portal


      Is it possible to have a portal nested in an other portal ?

      e.g. an "Invoice" layout has a portal featuring "Product". I'd like to have for each portal row of "Product" a nested portal listing "Components".


      I currently only get the "Components" portal featuring on the first line of the "Product" portal. Plus all of the "Components" of the invoice are listed in that component portal, as if that "Component" portal was a stand alone object in the "Invoice" lay-out.


      Not much luck looking for answers in the forum and the training series - or did I miss something ?

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          Nope. You cannot put a portal in a portal.

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            If you just need to display the info you can create a calc. field in the line item table and use the List () function to show the related components. The List () function will give you a return delimited list so you can wrap it in a Substitute () so change the returns from ¶ to “, “.




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              While you cannot have a portal inside a portal,  you can probably kludge something to approximate the same effect using a list view with a sub-summary part.


              Create a list view based on the Product table.  In the header, put the related Invoice data. In the sub-summary part put the product information and sort it by product as you need (i.e. by ID, description part #, etc).  In the body part create a portal with the related "components" for that product.  That should give you the required result.  Of course it is not as convenient as entering data using a regular form view, but it may get the job done for you depending on your requirements.  It is not pretty, but it works.


              You will need to do a find on the product table for the product entries related to the invoice so that only those items from the product table are accessible.

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                yep, David's correct, portals don't "nest". However...


                you can do some clever stuff with list view and portals in each record

                and/or virtual lists

                and/or hierarchical portal rows

                and/or get the components as a LIST within a field within the product portal row.


                Would ExecuteSQL() function help here?


                so, maybe think outside the box?!



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                  Thanks for taking the time. Great answers.

                  I'll be creative then. Quite like the List idea. The ExecuteSQL sounds very powerful, but I yet have to stir-up some courage to upgrade to FMP12.