Find on a calculated fied that is a list

Discussion created by dloughlin on Jul 18, 2012
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I have a calculated that is set to to a list of values in a field in a related table using the following calculation:


List ( ProgramSchools::School )


Performing a find on that field is causing a problem.

If there are two realted records, and the related field has the values of AB and A.

Using List, you get the related values separated by carriage returns.

The calculated field would then have the value of AB¶A.

Another record may have a calculated value of AB¶C.

If I want to perform a find to find records that have the value of just A, I cannot do it.

If I set the find value to =A, I find both records.

If I set the find value to ==A, I won't find any records.


I am using the API, but I get the same results when using FileMaker Pro 11


I'm stumped on how to accomplish this without redesigning the database.