FMP 12 limits number of tabs in a formula

Discussion created by snsanders on Jul 19, 2012
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I use FMP10 on a Mac. I have added the ability to "paste tabs" using the function keys within FMP. F1 pastes 1 tab. F2 pastes 2 tabs, etc. It is now easy to add tabs while editing schema or user-entered data in the Browse Mode.


This works great in FMP10. I bought FMP12 and it only allows a dozen or so tabs while editing calculations. Beyond that, it continues the text on the next line. I Use a 30-inch monitor and many Custom Functions, Calculation Fields and Script Steps use way more than 12 tabs. Most of my calculations are rendered unintelligible!


I posted the problem to Filemaker a few days after the release of v1.0.1 asking to take the limit off the tabs. (The number of tabs in FMP10 is actually a function of your monitor size?)


Version FMP 12.0.2 is now out and this problem is not fixed.


I called up Filemaker and they said that the forum would be the best way to get the attention of Filemaker...


Please chime in here if you would like this fixed.


If there is interest, I will share my method which involves using QuicKeys (or a similar triggering program) and applescript.


I can guarantee that, if you change to spacing calculations out using tabs and lining up your code, you'll wonder how you ever deciphered its meaning when viewed a few months later.