Integrate Filemaker data in a component of Joomla

Discussion created by cns on Jul 20, 2012



I'm trying to authenticate users on the Filemaker DB using the PHP API but I got the credentials only when the user log into my Joomla website.


After that, the passwrod is encrypted for security reason and I can't use the following exeample:


# For security reasons, these lines should either be included from a

# config file above the Web directory, or possibly captured during a

# login and stored in the SESSION superglobal array

define('FM_HOST', '');

define('FM_FILE', 'ProductCatalog.fp7');

define('FM_USER', 'esmith');

define('FM_PASS', 'f!r3crack3r');

# this is the include for the API for PHP

require_once ('FileMaker.php');

# instantiate a new FileMaker object

$fm = new FileMaker(FM_FILE, FM_HOST, FM_USER, FM_PASS);


And it isn't secured to store the user's password in the SESSION array...


If I create the $fm as soon as the user login, and store the object into the SESSION array, will I be able to use it when the user load the page where I need to display data coming from the Filemaker DB?

Is there a timeout or something? Or the object won't stay valid maybe?

Would it be a security issue? (At least the login process will be under https.)


Is someone already tried this? Do you have any other idea to authenticate the users with Filemaker PHP API?


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