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    Keyboard shortcut


      Hi everyone,

      Just to ask from your experience, is there a script needed for adding new records

      instead of using the mouse and click to add? Please enlighten what to use...Thanks

      and more power to FileMaker Community.

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          Command or control-N ?


          You can view the keyboard shortcuts I the Records menu


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            Karen already pointed out the keyboard shortcut.  But you can make a button in a layout for creating new records and assign it to the function "New Record/Request" and it will work without having to create a script.  And of course you can make a script if you want to, particularly if there are any other things you want to happen when creating a new record such as going to a particular input layout, etc. 

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              Thanks Karen. It works....

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                Hi Louie,




                It is not necessary to use a script to create new records, but it is a good practice to do so. Adding records via a script allows for a more controlled  and expandable record creation process. For instance, let’s say you want to create a new record only if a matching record does not exist.  A script allows you to ask for the key information, search for a matching record, if found go to that record, else create the new record. Because of this, many developers, myself included, always create new records via a script even if that script is a one line script. I always end up with other things I want to integrate into the new record process and when the issue arises my script already exists and is ready to modify.




                I use a single script to create any record in any table in my current system ( 300+ layouts, 60+ tables scattered among 10 files using the separation model), which reads the context of the layout from where it is called, branches to the correct section in my script and executes the required steps to create a new record in the appropriate table. I have only one script to maintain, debug, add  additional processes to and all creation events (buttons, etc) point to this one script. No hunting around for “how did I set that up here??”, because it is centralized into this one script.







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                  Thanks for the advice....timwhisenant