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Setting up FMS12 on new MacMini server.

Question asked by SimonPlint on Jul 19, 2012
Latest reply on Jul 27, 2012 by SimonPlint

More than likely I am missing something so I appologise in advance if that is the case. I have fms12 up and running on a new macmini running mac os 10.7.4. I want to use filemaker server as a document management/storage solution since FMS12 now provides container storage but the two issues below have me a little perplexed. My macmin server has 2 500gb drives and I added a 4TB G-RAID drive.


1. From what I have read on this forum it appears that using a backup path to a firewire connect drive is not possible.

2. Using a path to a firewire connected drive for container storage is not possible either.


If the above is true then my options are to use time machine to backup to a firewire connect drive or use some sort of system script to copy the required contents from the filemaker server folder to the firewire connect drive.


Without some form of backup outside the filemaker server folder the backup is useless if the hard disk dies. It seems to me the backup is only usefull if a served file has been corrupted and needs to be replaced with a previous backup.


Also, with the contents of containers being stored stored in the filemaker server folder and then being duplicated to by the backup, disc space will run out.


What would be the best way to set this up?