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    mdutil error when trying to install FM12 updater


      When trying to install the FMPA12 updater, I got the following error: "The updates cannot occur because you have selected a device which has not been file indexed. Enable indexing via the mdutil system utility." I spoke to someone in Tech Support at DevCon, and he suggested I check Spotlight and make sure Applications was checked; it was. I found instructions online about running mdutil in Terminal, but it said it was already loaded. I am still unable to install the update. I was also unable to install the 11 update, although it was a different error, something about not being able to find a valid copy of FMPA. I assumed it was because it was my DevCon copy. Anybody have any ideas? Thanks for any help.

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          jbolles702 may not be in the spotlight,


          Could be the Spotlight index is corrupted. Its used by a lot of System operations including the installer so not finding the application can be one symptom. Since you have had problems before and we don't really know how bad off the Spotlight index is I'd suggest turning it off so you know its going to be completely rebuilt.


          sudo mdutil -i off /


          Make sure there are no files or folder being excluded in the System Preferences- Spotlight - Privacy tab. It normally should be empty.


          Restart Computer


          then use:


          sudo mdutil -i on /


          to turn it back on.


          Its going to take awhile for the Spotlight index to be rebuilt so don't expect to be able to run the Installer for a few hours. Depending on how many files are on the hard drive it can take several hours to do the indexing.



          Alternative 1.


          You could try adding the Applications folder to the Spotlight privacy tab. Close Preferences, restart computer, remove Applications folder from Spotlight Privacy tab, restart computer. According to the Apple technical articles this is a way to tell Spotlight to reindex a specific folder. (You might want to search the Apple articles to make sure I haven't missed/added something).

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            Thanks for alternative 1.


            sudo mdutil -1 on / just kept returning that indexing was disabled. I opened the Spotlight privacy tab and found my entire hard drive in there! Deleted it, and bazinga - installation successful. Thank you very much.

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              I am having the very same issue when attempting to upgrade FM. My only question is when you say "sudo mdutil -i on /" is this what I would type into the Terminal?