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    Scriptmaker error when dragging scripts to new location


      iMac i7, OS 10.6.8, FMPA 8.5:

      I searched the forum and found something similar from 2008 but newer posts claim it still has not been addressed by FMI. Here is the problem:



      Basically, scripts that are located down in the Script maker list (ie, farther down then the 100th script in the list) cannot drag to a new location properly. Rather, the script I'm trying to drag doesn't drag, but instead the script above it is the one that ends up getting dragged, and then it doesn't end up in the location I drag it to but rather shows up in the location above it. Something has gotten terribly corrupt in the Scriptmaker directory.



      I have a file that has about 200 scripts. I created a new script which defaults to the bottom position in the list (call it script 200) and when I tried to drag it up to its proper location (say at location 150 in the Scriptmaker list), the inserted script takes on the same name as the script immediately above it (ie, in location 149). Then, when I click on each script's name in that same vicinity (e.g., scripts 148 to 152), a couple of scripts change names and reveal the REAL script sequence in the list, and the script I was trying to drag doesn't even appear there! - it's still back in its original location 200, but the script that was in location 199 is the one that ended up getting dragged...not to location 150 but to location 149. I DID notice that the top 100 scripts seem to drag perfectly within that part of the list, but when I grab a script lower than slot 100, things seem corrupt.


      Attempted remedies:

      Recovering the file does not solve the problem (even after trying a few times). Deleting the scripts around location 100 and recreating them doesn't solve the problem either. It seems that the locations have become corrupt for the entire lower half of the script list (ie, scripts in positions greater than about 100 in the Scriptmaker list). All of my daily backups to May 2012 have this problem (I haven't had the need to relocate any scripts in the file in recent months until now). I checked a few other files that are equally loaded with many dozens of scripts but those scripts can be relocated without flaw to any other location in the list. The scripts work, but I really need to relocate them to the functional blocks in the list where they belong.


      PLEASE HELP! This is a nasty problem with the Scriptmaker list.

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          You are running a version of FileMaker not certified for your operating system and I suspect you are having some corruption and other possible issues.  FM 8.5 was only good through Mac OS X 10.4.5 and you are on 10.6.8. 


          Technical specifications can be found at http://help.filemaker.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/4701/~/filemaker-pro-operating-system-requirements---all-versions


          My simple recommendation is to upgrade to FileMaker 11 and open it up and I bet it will work just fine (feel free to use a trial version).  Then my next recommendation is to convert it to FileMaker 12 and use some current software for best results.  Playing with old versions has a way of causing unforseen and unpredictable problems if you don't have the accompanying hardware.  Sorry about that. 

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            I would also suggest upgrading to a newer release of FileMaker...11 first. If that doesn't solve the issue (which is likely a corrupted file), I would attempt copying the scripts, deleting them, and then pasting them in again...and possibly then upgrading to FileMaker 12. Hopyfully, by passing the scripts through the clipboard or running the file through the conversion process something might be fixed. Do this on copies of the database as you are testing so you can fall back to the old files if necessary.


            Hope that helps!


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              Thanks so much for your effort to help me figure out what's going on here. First, Taylor, sorry I misstated my OS level. I have 10.6 at home but at the office I'm still on 10.5. I realize that's still over the 10.4 requirement level stated on the FMI web site, but I had gotten confirmation in email from FMI that 10.5 was the last crossover level for FMP 8.5. In fact, I have a 10.6.8 at home running FMPA 8.5 and it performs flawlessly on every database I have other than this one file (except that it can't PRINT! lol)


              In any case, I spent 3 hours at the office yesterday (Sunday) rebuilding what I can only conclude was a damaged file by finding the newest functional backup (July 2). I simply added the new records, adjusted serial counters, updated changes in relationships, field defs, layouts, scripts, etc. and the file seems to be working just fine again. What I had neglected to mention in my previous post is that when I tried to delete individual portal rows, EVERY related record would delete! Reconstructing the file also fixed that problem too. Very strange corruption that I've never experienced before. "Recover..." did not remedy any of the problems.


              Thanks again, folks. After I finish a current huge job we need to complete before a pressing deadline, I'll have the time and re$ource$ to upgrade my hardware and software to FMP 12, and quite frankly I can't wait. I'm longing for the script triggers, multiple script windows, and other FMP 11+ features that we haven't enjoyed since the days of non-networkable, single user but otherwise extremely powerful Hypercard 20 years ago!

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                Look here, under "scriptmaker problems"




                FM 9 Recover ( and higher ) is supposed to "fix" problems like this