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    Timestamp error


      I'm based in the Arabian Gulf where we are 3 hours ahead of GMT. Our server, an Xserve running Snow Leopard Server, has its time set manually to local time, ie GMT +3. From time to time I have to restart our FileMaker v11 Server Advanced. Every time this happens the Current Host TimeStamp, Current Time and Current TimeStamp functions all return a time that is three hours in advance of local time, ie GMT +6.


      This persists for exactly three hours and then the functions magically start to return the correct local time, ie GMT+3.


      I've tried setting the server time automatically using Apple Europe and Apple Asia, and also manually. None of these options makes the slightest difference.


      Has anyone got a clue what's going on here?





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          Hi Ian,


          I'm not sure about your timezone... but have you checked the option to set the timezone based on location (from the Map)?


          - Lyndsay

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            Hi Lyndsay

            I've already checked that. The correct Time Zone and city have been selected. I'm baffled!


            To compound things the server can no longer access a shared folder mounted on its desktop. A script throws a $$-5000 error every time it tries to get a listing from the folder using Troi File. The folder is on a Windows box running XP with service pack 3. It's mounted using SMB and I'm assured by my IT people that nothing has changed on the Windows box.


            The plug-in is working fine because two almost identical scripts use it to get listings from folders hosted on the server itself. It looks like the XP permissions are scrambled and its denying access to the user 'fmserver', but I've been assured that everything is OK on the Windows box.



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              Things like this often happen when a hard drive is slowly corrupting and about to die.  Make sure you are keeping lots of good backups. 


              What version of Snow Leopard?  If it is not 10.6.8, make sure to upgrade to it. 


              Go to Disk Utilities and run the "Repair Disk Permissions". 


              You might want to try to move your live data to a folder on an alternate drive or even an external drive.  Obviously follow all the procedures of shutting down the live databsaes before copying them or copy from backups and then use the Admin Console to add the new folder and upload the data. 


              Mac OS X occasionally has a problem where a user gets corrupted and I've had to create a new User to replace the old one to fix strange occurrences.  I would run your backups, export your schedule scripts, etc. and reinstall FileMaker Server.   I would first uninstall it and probably remove user "fmserver" through WorkGroup Manager and let the installer recreate it. 


              GIve those a try and get back with us and let us know how it goes. 

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                Thanks Taylor:


                Your advice is all good and in fact I've already reinstalled FileMaker to no avail. I hadn't thought to kill off the fmserver account, but what you say makes sense. I'll try reinstalling again but without an fmserver account and see what happens.


                I'm running 10.6.8 Server by the way. Can you tell how I can delete the fmserver user, when I can't find any reference to it in WorkGroup Manager? I guess I'll have to do it from Terminal.



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                  Yes. I just had a Time Machine HD die and it caused all sorts of other things to exhibit signs of breakdown. I thought my iPad battery was dying and my computer got soooo slow.


                  I was also going to say that the battery inside the computer was dying. (I assume they still exist)


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