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Can I hide the keyboard on the iPhone through scripting?

Question asked by ericruff on Jul 21, 2012
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I am using FM Go 12 on the iPhone. I have a layout with 4 text fields. The user enters the first text field. The keyboard pops up. There are three buttons on the keyboard, Previous, Next, and the Down Arrow for dismissing the keyboard. The user progresses through the fields, entering text and clicking the Next button on the keyboard to tab along to the next field. Fine. But when the user finishes filling in the last text field, he or she is most likely to hit the Next button. The correct button of course, is the Down Arrow button to dismiss the keyboard, but I don't think think that's the intuitive user response. So, I would like to dismiss the keyboard using a script trigger on the last field to force the keyboard to be hidden once that field is filled in. I tried using the onObjectSave trigger. I used the script:


Commit Records/Request [No dialog]

Halt Script


This at least prevents the tab effect of the Next keyboad button from cycling back to the first text field. This script also has the curious effect of hiding "part" of the keyboard. That is, the blue button bar at the top of the keyboard disappears. But from the letters on down, the keyboard remains.


The only way I have found to dismiss the keyboard other than the Down Arrow on the keyboard itself is to manually tap the layout in some area free of buttons and tabs, but I can't seem to replicate that action through scripting and I can't depend on users figuring that out. I tried setting up an invisible button as an object and using Go to Object script, thinking this would replicate the physical touching of the iPhone screen, but that didn't work.


Any ideas?