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    Finds performed on calculations not working!


      Help! We have an FM12 file being served on FMSA12. We recently imported all of the info into a new build of the file from an older build, which seemed to go fine. The only issue is if there is a calculation field that contains a relationship, the result is always No Records Found, even though it displays the calculation accurately.


      For Example, a calculation in Invoices that calculated the number of Invoice Items:


      Invoices::countInvoiceItems.cn = count ( invoices_INVOICEITEMS.invoicenumber::_kf_InvoiceID )


      The calculation may display a value, but performing any sort of find on that field always fails. I've tried recronstructing the relationship, and it didn't work.



      Any ideas? Thank you!

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          You might want to do a recover and look at the log files if there are any problems.  But first I would go into the table with the key fields and turn off indexing and then turning them back on so that they are forced to rebuild. 

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            Thanks for you reply.  I turned the indexing off and on for the key fields and it didn't help.  The file I uploaded to the server doesn't give me the same problems when I open it locally.  I tested uploading it again and once it was served, it gave me the same errors.  Could there be something in the process up uploading to the server that is causing issues with the file?  Thanks again!

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              Just to make sure I was clear, when you turned the indexing off, you closed the Manage Databases before opening it again to turn them back on. 


              When you uploaded it, I assume you used the Admin console to upload it and you didn't do it manually. 


              I have never heard of the upload causing a corruption problem.  But to confirm, if you uploaded it multiple times, does it behave the same way?  Where are you uploading it from?  It is best to upload it from the same hard drive and probably in the Documents folder or on the desktop. 


              Does the database pass a verify on the server?


              You might want to try a recover and see if it finds any problems. 


              Is there anything going on the server that might be corrupting the database?  For example, if you run a virus scan or backup of an opened FileMaker Server database, you can corrupt the database. 


              You could try exporting the table and reimporting it. 


              Those are just a few ideas I would try.