Finds performed on calculations not working!

Discussion created by jda76 on Jul 20, 2012
Latest reply on Jul 20, 2012 by taylorsharpe

Help! We have an FM12 file being served on FMSA12. We recently imported all of the info into a new build of the file from an older build, which seemed to go fine. The only issue is if there is a calculation field that contains a relationship, the result is always No Records Found, even though it displays the calculation accurately.


For Example, a calculation in Invoices that calculated the number of Invoice Items:


Invoices::countInvoiceItems.cn = count ( invoices_INVOICEITEMS.invoicenumber::_kf_InvoiceID )


The calculation may display a value, but performing any sort of find on that field always fails. I've tried recronstructing the relationship, and it didn't work.



Any ideas? Thank you!