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    Filemaker Go App Maker


      Hello All,


      I am not sure if i am doing anything wrong here when using the Filemaker Go App Maker that was shown in the DevCon 2012. When creating a new app on for Filemaker Go it installs on the mobile device fine. I try and make another one either on a different profile or different database and it over writes the app that i have just put on the device.


      Am i doing something wrong here??





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          Each profile needs to be a separate record in the App Maker database and each profile should have a unique name.



          Eric Jacobson

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            BTW - Eric, thanks a million for this tool. This thing rocks!



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              Hey Eric,


              yeap i did that. Let me try again now and will let you know....





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                What is this App Maker database?

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                  Nope, does the same thing.


                  It replaces the icon that i have just placed on the device.


                  Any ideas?

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                    It is a free utility that we released at DevCon that creates iOS Configuration Profiles to allow you to put shortcuts to your FileMaker Go databases right onto your iOS home screen:



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                      Hey, Martin. It's a really cool tool Eric came up with for dropping direct links to Go solutions onto the device. You can get a copy at:






                      Edit: Oops! Sorry for the dupe.   

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                        Did you try creating a new record in the AppMaker database to ensure that the profile has a new UUID? If so, you should be able to see each of the profiles that you have created show up on the device. Check in the Settings app under General > Profiles and you should see the list of profiles that you have installed. You can try to clean up any of the ones that you no longer are using.

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                          Hey Eric,


                          I only see one profile for the app that i have placed on to the device. It looks like as soon as i try and put another app it just replaces it?


                          Does that help.



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                            I going to reply to my orginal post. That may sound a little strange while i am down in sunny Mexico building apps.


                            Issues is now resolved. Must be the spanish area down here.



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                              Does anyone have a simple set of steps to follow to use this tool?  I guess I don't get how it works but it is definitely something I would like to use.





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                                FileMaker Go App Maker is an excellent example of FilemakerPro’s versatility.
                                At AddWare Europe, we are convinced that is a step forward in helping developers create effective solutions for iPhone and iPad with Filemaker Go.


                                However (and while declaring an interest; see below), without in any way wishing to denigrate the solution offered, we feel we must point out that the FileMaker Go App Maker  can create a problem of “trust” in the user given that the configuration profile is unsigned, which might be perceived negatively.


                                It must be noted that the use of unsigned configuration profiles in iOS is at times advised against for at least three reasons:


                                1. in the presence of unsigned profiles, iOS highlights the situation and generates a sense of ‘uncertainty’ in a non-expert user, who may be worried about compromising the operativeness of his iOS device;

                                2. if the iPhone or iPad is a company one in which restrictions are installed, the profile generated by the FileMaker Go App Maker cannot be installed;

                                3. an unsigned profile (not assigned to a specific device) accepted by the user exposes him to potentially serious consequences in terms of malware.


                                This last point is regarded as being of such serious concern that the National Security Agency dedicates part of its latest version of the “ Security Configuration Recommendations for Apple iOS 5 Devices” to the question (http://www.nsa.gov/ia/_files/os/applemac/Apple_iOS_5_Guide.pdf).


                                Paragraph 2.3.3 starts with a clear recommendation:Avoid deployment of configuration profiles through methods that do not provide encryption and authentication. Email is especially discouraged.”


                                Does that mean that  FileMaker Go App Maker should be avoided like the plague?! No! In our opinion, one need be aware that for personal use – for oneself and friends – FileMaker Go App Maker is an extremely ‘nice’ tool, but it cannot in all cases be used for the professional distribution of solutions for FileMaker™Go.


                                And this is where we explain our interest in the matter: we have created a product called GoWrap: with it, a developer can create a one-stop solution for his Filemaker™ Go product, adding an icon on the home page of his clients’ iPhone or iPad. As does FileMaker Go App Maker, BUT the technology we have employed is compliant with the NSA recommendations and Apple security policies. Which makes it highly effective in the commercial sector, enabling Filemaker solutions to be offered as standalone apps on iOS devices.



                                Safeguarding the security of our clients is something we all have to assure in our work, and it was this that constituted the starting point for our solution (available in two versions: Gowrap Free and Gowrap Pro) for the creation of apps using FileMaker Go for iPhone and iPad.


                                For further information, read our press release dated 25th September, or simply visit our site and try it out (apps.gowrap.net).

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                                  Re Go Wrap


                                  Being able to suppress the securty warning on installing the clip is is great.


                                  Is it possible to pass the username and password into the login file in Go Wrap like you can with the App Maker. 

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                                    Re GoronwyPrice


                                    Yes it's possible.




                                    FOR LOCAL FILES:

                                    in the text field "Host name" you have to write account_name:password@
                                    account_name = xxx

                                    password = yyy

                                    you have to write xxx:yyy@



                                    FOR REMOTE FILES:

                                    in the text field "Host name" you have to write account_name:password@host_name.
                                    account_name = xxx

                                    password = yyy

                                    host_name = zzz

                                    you have to write xxx:yyy@zzz


                                    We remind you that you can directly follow the discussions on GoWrap at https://fmdev.filemaker.com/message/95500#95500    

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