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    Seth Godin's Opinion


      Disappointing to see FMI has 'blown it' in Seth Godin's opinion:





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          Huh. Interesting that Mr. Godin got that, because when my work PC got the same message, it launched me directly to the downloads page.


          Wonder why.



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            Me too Mike.

            Even when I did it after 12v1 came out ( from 11 )...it took me directly to the Upgrade page.

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              I have never had an issue myself either but quite honestly, this guy can't even use spell checker (customerr) for his own "blog" so his technical ability on clicking through might be in question as well


              Seriously, if he's that easily offended as a "trusted" customer, he's gonna have a long life of disappointments ahead.

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                Problem is, Godin is widely listened to - and respected. He's huge in the business world.


                Bad word of mouth is reeeeeeeeeealy bad press.



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                  I agree that it is disappointing, but he really didn't tell us about what was the actual bad customer service.  Did he have a hard time with the web page?  Was he upset for not getting a freeby as a media representative or something ridiculous like that?  Did FileMaker customer service scream cuss words at him? Maybe he tried to upgrade and the free evaluation copy he previously had that was not upgradeable?  Who knows?  We really have no idea what "hoi polloi" treatment is and why it offended him.  So I don't know if this is an honest evaluation on his part where FileMaker messed up or if he is not representing all of the facts. 


                  My conclusion is that it is rather unprofessional of him to criticize a company if he is not going to explain how FileMaker offended him and what it would take for him to become satisfied. 


                  Such a review is that it is quite high schoolish and not helpful to his readers or to FileMaker. 

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                    FYI, I personally sent Mr. Godwin an email asking for more details to elaborate on what was done wrong and how FileMaker could make things better. 

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                      I think his issue is that he couldn't easily find the option to purchase the Upgrade as opposed to the Full Version.

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                        Well I doubt anyone will jump ship because of this weird little issue whatever it is. And honestly I had never even heard of him until I looked him up and was even therefore more surprised he doesn't use spellchecker for his posts.

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                          If so, that would be a good point for him to make because it would also give FileMaker some direction on what they need to fix.  Hopefully he will clarify and if FileMaker can improve on something, I bet they will. 

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                            Well Said taylorsharpe!!! - If he's so "respected" - I would be expecting a more professional blog posting than this one. Seems a little silly to me and maybe this isn't the way he meant to sound but he sounded kind of arrogant - not very good "marketing" IMO. I'm not a filemaker "fanboi" but I agree with the posters in this thread who emphasize qualified criticism with facts is much more productive to sounding like you whine because you can't figure out where to click (if that was the case).

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                              Well I pretty much disagree with most of the above.

                              As designers, it is our job to do interfaces in a way that provide a meaningful and simple route to execution and guiding the customer to where you want them - whether that is a sale, a sign-up, a review, a post.... and to hook people up instantly.

                              I think Seth has a valid point about the fact that web-pages are so cheap these days as to be almost negligable cost so why not make sure that the landing point has no ambiguity?

                              It simply is no good to have all the benefit of instant-on, always present internet without waking up to the new reality of PR. It matters not whether you think his arguement is poorly spelled or 'not professional' (the very idea of saying that about someone else sticks in my throat - sounds like a five year old in the school playground) but its does matter IMMENSELY that a business opinion former has a negative experience to write about. He has already

                              written more influential books than most of the people in these forums will write in a lifetime and if you haven't heard of him then it is likely that you are several light years behind the zeitgeist

                              From my work in PR with a major car company I can tell you that it takes 10+ years to recover from customer created realities and it takes huge numbers of man-hours to do it.



                              His opinion is just that, and will be gone tomorrow so wasting lots of forum space on it is a totally pointless exercise.

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                                I think perhaps you all are missing the gist of the blog, which is-"Don't do that."  He was just using a simple example to illustrate.  I don't think it was intended as a major criticism of Filemaker.  He was slightly annoyed, and used that irritation to drive home a point.  Whether it was his fault or Filemaker's fault isn't really relevant either.  The point is still valid, which is to treat your best and most loyal customers a little differently.  And it doesn't have to be that difficult to do so.



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                                  Perhaps, George. But someone who has a huge following like Seth Godin can do a lot of damage with an offhand comment. It would have been just as easy to say, "A software company ... " without calling out FileMaker specifically.


                                  "With great power comes great responsibility."



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                                    Good point.  I suppose there was a bit of a handslap intended as well, but as it's such a minor issue, (and a rather commonly experienced nuisance), it's hard to imagine that it's that great of a slight on Filemaker.  I would argue that mentioning his 27 years of loyalty more than offsets the comment.  The inference is that it's that good of a product, but he's slightly annoyed by the inconvenience experienced.  Sort of like getting a great review for your business, but getting called out on a less-than-perfect detail.  FMI still gets a mention out of it...


                                    Just me thoughts...



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