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    Admin Console won't start on Win Server 2008 Install


      I'm installing FM Server Advanced 12 on a new Windows 2008 R2 server but there seems to be a problem with the Admin Console. This install is on a Hyper_V virtual machine setup just for FileMaker Server. IIS 7 is running and anonymous authentication is enabled. The error message I get is that the Database server is not available, but when I check in Services FileMaker is running. I'm going to uninstall FileMaker and all the Java installations, but have already tried a re-install once to no avail. Has anyone installed Server Advanced 12 on a Hyper-V machine successfully? I have Server Advanced 11 running on a VM Ware virtual machine and have had no problems.


      Thanks for any input.



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          The service that you see in the Windows control panel is for the FMS helper service, not for the database server.   You can't see if the database server is running from there.  Your best course of action would be the event log to see what is logged there.  Out-of-the-box FMS is configured to start the database engine and the web publishing engine when the helper service starts.  If it can not for some reason it will be logged in the event log.

          Can you start the admin console ok?

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            Thanks for your reply.  I can't start the admin console. It trys both as part of the installation and if I click to start it from the Start Page, but that is when I receive the error message I mentioned.  The Admin Console splash screen comes up momentarilly, then closes and several seconds later I get the error.



            Lot's of stuff in the very detailed 2008 error logs, but the one that seems to stand out for FileMaker is an Event ID 701 "FileMaker Script Engine process has terminated abnormally."  This is the only thing I found associated with FileMaker and marked as an error.



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              The script engine process is one of the other FMS processes (separate from the helper service process and the database engine).  Maybe check out the FMS install log for any clues.  Not sure exactly where it is but it should be on the hard disk.

              Did the installer actually launch the deployment wizard and the big dialog where it shows everything that it is installing?


              If you open a browser and got the IP address of your FMS on port 16000 does the start page come up?

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                Okay this may end up never being truly solved.  I came in this morning planning to download a new installer and re-install again - maybe the installer was corupt somehow.  However, after shutting the whole system down and bringing it back up again things seem to be working correctly.  After the shut down and restart I opened the Start Page and tried starting the Admin Console again.  This time the deployment wizard came up (for the first time) and I was able to successfully complete the installation.  There is one issue remaining, Custom Web Publishing w/PHP doesn't seem to be working.  Everything gets a green light in the Admin Console, the sample file is open and the guest account has PHP allowed, but the connection fails.  I'll continue working on this problem but if you have any suggestions I'd appreciate them.


                I have no idea what changed or why shutting the server completely down would have had an affect when several restarts of the VM didn't seem to help, but I'm O.K. with that for now.  One thing I did notice is that the primary Hyper-V server had installed updates through the automatic updates.  I have had problems with FileMaker 11 Server and automatic updates in the past (even when set to download and notify but not install) and have switched automatic updates off on all FM Server machines.  However, it seems a stretch to think that auto updates waiting on the main server would interfere with an installation on a VM.


                Thanks for you responses.  Problem solved, sort of.



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                  I"m having the same exact issue.  New vserver Windows 2008 - install of FM server results in admin console failure ot launch. The port 16000 is not being used "syn sent" state in netstat. 5003 is just fine.

                  I've uninstalled all, downloaded again and reinstalled.  But that seem to have no effect. Fire wall is off.


                  Will be working with tech support to figure it out.  I'm probably going to do reinstalls again.


                  Just curious - my IT has given this v-server only 4 gig of RAM.  Seems a big low for this applicaiton instance.  just curious if anyone else using WIN servers can comment here about RAM.

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                    If this is the 32bit version of Windows 2008 then 4GB is the max that can be used so there is no point in assigning more RAM. But if this is the 64bit install of Windows 2008 then you would portentially benefit from more RAM.  Depends on your solution and the user load you expect.


                    What version of FMS12 are you installing (v4?) and what version of the Java JRE do you have on that machine?