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    Entourage as default email program on Mac/Lion


      Hi all,


      I have a client with an all Mac office that has recently upgraded all the computers to Lion.


      One of the staff people insists on using Microsoft Entourage as his email program rather than Apple's Mail as the rest of the staff does.


      After the Lion update, he is unable to send emails from FileMaker. They just don't open Entourage or create the email in Entourage if open.


      I've searched the old discussion archives, but since nothing before last November is threaded, it is impossible to find an answer.


      My apologies if this has been discussed many times before and I can't find the answer, but...


      I can't find the answer.


      Mac OS X 10.7.4, FileMaker Pro 11.0v3, MS Office 2011, but using Entourage 2008 because he insists on use Entourage. He is a Windows user who will never be happy using any Mac application *just because*.


      My sense is the issue is similar to Excel .xls vs .xlsx files. At some point, you just need to move forward in time.


      I appreciate any techniques, tricks, etc. you may be using to have FileMaker perform the send mail step correctly when using Entourage as the mail client.







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          Hi Michele


          If my memory serves me right, there is a setting in the preferences for Apple Mail, where you can choose the default email client for a particular machine. By default this is set to Apple Mail, so that's why all your other users are having no problems.


          If you open Apple Mail on the Entourage user's machine, you may see all the emails that appear to have gone missing.


          Setting the default email client to Entourage on this machine should sort this out.


          Best wishes - Alan


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            That's right. I had a big-time issue with this. The Filemaker Guys at DevCon helped me out just a week ago

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              Thanks Alan and Jeremy.


              I was aware of that setting in Mail and had instructed the client to set the default to Entourage. He says he has done that and it still doesn't work.


              I'll take a closer look at his computer onsite tomorrow and make sure he understood the instructions.



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                Feedback to fill in the blanks. Sure enough it was the setting in Mail.


                The user said he changed the setting to Entourage as the default mail application, but he had not. It was set to Outlook, which was not part of the package the company purchased. Once Entourage was added as a mail application and set as the default, FileMaker performed as it should.


                Thanks for the reminder to look there again. I took the user's word for it that he had made the change, but of course he did not understand the difference between the 2 Microsoft programs, so....