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    Newbie needs recommendation


      I'm working on a solution that will include the following tables.


      Clients - Returns - Documents


      My Clients layout will be a list view with a list of all the clients in the file. I will also need the following options.


      A way to add new clients, a way to edit existing clients, and a way to add or edit returns for the client.


      Another developer suggested the list view for the clients with a portal to show the related returns. My question is how do I include the portal in the list view. I know how to create the portal, just unsure how to law it out in the layout for the clients.


      Suggestions welcomed.

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          Technically, the only difference between form view and list view is that in list view, records are shown one beneath the other - so you can scroll down/up to the next/previous record. Thus, if you make your body part  tall enough, you can place a portal there - regardless of the layout being viewed in list mode.


          Conceptually, I think users are more accustomed to drilling down the hierarchy, e.g.:


          1. List of Clients:

          Select a client / Add a new client


          2. Selected Client in Form View:

          Edit a client / Select a return (from a portal) or add a new one


          3. Selected Return in Form View:

          Edit a return / Select a document (from a portal) or add a new one

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            That's exactly the way I initially envisioned it working but I didn't know if there was a better way.  I'll give it a shot using that approach and let you know how it goes.