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Open URL command in IWP

Question asked by dburnham on Jul 24, 2012
Latest reply on Jul 25, 2012 by steve_ssh

I have two challenges with the Open URL command in IWP:


I've got a graphic in the header of the layout which is intended to have a number of "hot spots" that will redirect the browser to certain static URL's like a Facebook page, the home page of the company's web site, etc.


Problem 1:

When I make a button on the FileMaker layout and hard code the URL into the OpenURL command and assign it to the button, it works, to the extent that a new browser window opens to the correct destination page. However, I did not want the buttons to be hard-coded, I wanted instead to have the buttons point to a field in a related table, so that the database administrator could update the links with field values instead of repetetive layout work.


The problem is that the OpenURL command works perfectly when executed within FIleMaker, however, within IWP, it resist the opening of the same URL. I have found this to be the case whether the command is scripted or directly assigned to the buttons.


Problem 2:

I would like to append the URL with the target="self" code so that the action occurs within the same browser window, but I don't see a way to do that within the calculated text string that I specify in the OpenURL command.



Thanks in advance for any help with either or both of the above.