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    No OK button on Scripts?


      Just wondering if anyone else noticed the lack of the OK button on the script window?
      I am using FMP V12.2 on Windows 7

      I find it interesting that it does appear depending on how you go about opening the script window?

      i.e. if you open the script from the manage script window (see photo)


      Edit Script NO OK.GIF

      Or if you use the button set up > Specify Script > Edit Script the OK button appears?

      Script WITH OK.GIF

      BTW, why doesn’t this forum spell check? (I am a bad speller, and need all the help I can get)

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          It depends on how you enter the Script Editor.


          Since the Script Editor is now modal - allowing you to flip in and out without having to close the Editor, an OK button doesn't make sense.


          In other instances such as modifying a script via the Button Setup dialog, which isn't modal, you need the OK button.


          It takes a little getting used to, its a matter of context. This was the case in FM 11 as well.

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            indats may be behind the curve,


            Its been that way for a long time. It changed when FMP started using a modal window for script editing.


            In the first image series you are just editing a script. That requires a SAVE (command-s) when you are done editing the script. In this window you can select other windows and perform other editing operations.


            In the second image series you are assigning a script to a button and then editing the script. The method of entry places the Script edit into a non-modal window. You can't click out of it to do anything else so it requires an OK to complete, not a Save.

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              P.S. Regarding the spellcheck question - in the top right hand of the box which you write your post in, you will see an 'abc' and a big green tick. Hit that to have your post spell checked prior to posting, unfortunately it doesn't work on-the-fly. All the best, Ben

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                I have noticed the issue for some time, and your explanations certainly make sense, as to why it happens, although it still would still be helpful if they included a button to save or cancel your work, I guess I will need to add Ctrl-S to my keystrokes.


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                  Ben, Super Thanks, I guess I need to get more familiar with the forums