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    network accounts file lock problem Lion users




      using FM 11 on Mac OS X 10.8 (Lion), I have problems with file locking for network accounts

      (on local account there is no problem about that, but most of my customers have network accounts)


      If users works on a network account, they cannot import images into container fields. Often a message pop up "the file is used by an other application or locked".

      It looks that it has something to do with Lion feature of auto saving and automatically file locking after some time.

      As it looks its a server problem with file locking (Server is Lion too).


      Even if I switch of file locking (in Time Machine Options) the users cannot import images which the have just copied on their desktop.

      I corrected all permissions (unix and ACL) on the user accounts, nothing helps.


      Ideas would be welcome ;-)



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          Stephen Huston

          A couple of questions to clarify your  situation, and some general observations:

          1. You talk of local and network accounts. Are these files being served by FM Server or by a Peer-to-peer client-based sharing? Or are you meaning the difference between LAN and WAN access to FM Server-served files? If you are not using FileMaker Serve to serve the files, you should correct that.
          2. Time Machine or any otehr backup utility should not be allowed to touch served files. This will cause problems whether you are sharing via Peer-to-peer or on a Mac Server machine. It can even corrupt the files. Use FM Server's built-in backup scheduling to backup the served files, and don't let Time Machine (backup utilities) touch the actual served files. If properly configured, you could have Time Machine (or other backup utiltiy) backup the backup files, but not the original served files, whcih need to be excluded from any backup software.
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            Hi Stephen,


            it's basicall an article database where the users can put  images to the article.

            The images comes from professional photgraphers, e-mail or web. Normally the users have the images on their desktop or o a file server.

            In the applicationa I just store the reference of the image into a container with normal Filemaker script "import image (as reference)".

            After that the image is copied to the filesystem (in different resolution an a thumb is imported into the database) and the filepath is stored in th database.


            But already the first step "import image (as reference)" gets the error back, that the file is in use by an other application.

            This script runs since years and never got problems.

            The problem only occures on Lion Macs with nethwork accounts (the user account is stored on the server).



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              Stephen Huston

              You cannot store a container item as a reference only if it's source is a local disk, if it needs to be available to all users. You need to actually place the container object file, not a reference-only, into the field so it will be available to users who do not have read access to each other's hard drives for a reference to resolve.


              Even if they all had read access to each other's drives, resolving all the references across all the network from multiple drives would grind things to a halt. And FM Server cannot itself read items from drives to which it does not have full server permissions.


              So don't use the reference only option on a network unless the container-content files are are located in a directory to which FM Server has full access on its own system.