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Help: "Unable to launch application" error for Admin Console

Question asked by lovefm on Jul 25, 2012
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I'm using FM Server 11 and can't access my Admin Console. The server is still running and I still have access to my databases but I get an unable to launch error when opening the Admin Console. My guess is that some software update on the network is causing a problem. A few years ago a Java update caused problems with the Admin Console so I'm thinking this is a similar situation. Has anyone else seen this problem? Anyone know of any recent software updates that cause FM problems?


My other theory is that maybe I need to update Java. Since the issue a few years ago I don't install Java updates for awhile and wait to hear if anyone had issues. So my current version could use an update. However I'm very hesitant to just try updating Java because without access to the Admin Console I can't properly close databases and stop the server.


Any ideas would be helpful!! I'm just guessing at the problem.