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    Applescript Filemaker Resources?


      I've just realised that my Filemaker / AppleScript skills have rusted solid. I have some AppleScript resources. Would someone point me to Filemaker specific examples?




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          Applescript is a pain. Even if you find a reference, it's still often trial and error


          I usually just Google "filemaker applescript", with whatever command I'm interested in


          Stackoverflow offers some good advice



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            What are you trying to accomplish?

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              What are you trying to accomplish?


              A general toolkit for asking questions about the database similar to the Design Functions. How many tables, what are their names, how many fields, what are their names & IDs, etc.


              I simply wanted to grab field info from tables. I have two tables. One is a  duplicate of the other. The original has had many changes and I want to synch them to the duplicate.


              When I posted I couldn't get past this:

              tell app "filemaker" to get name of every table of database 1 --> object not found


              I finally discovered this method:


              tell app "filemaker" to set tbl_ids to get id of every table of database 1 --> {1,2,3.....}

              set tbl_names to {}

              repeat with i from 1 to count

                  tell app "filemaker" to set end of tbl_names to get name of table id (item i of tbl_ids) of database 1




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                on 2012-07-25 18:58 Malcolm wrote

                When I posted I couldn't get past this:

                tell app "filemaker" to get name of every table of database 1 --> object not found


                tell application "FileMaker Pro Advanced" to get name of tables of database 1


                or, to make more clear the order of operations:


                tell application "FileMaker Pro Advanced"
                   tell database 1
                     name of every table -- or, name of tables
                   end tell
                end tell


                this is more about AppleScript than about FileMaker; beware the temptation to

                expect an AppleScript statement that compiles and sounds reasonable in English

                sentence to just work; the way AppleScript executes your example, "every table"

                returns a list of table objects, then you asked for the name of that list …


                if you can justify the cost, Script Debugger makes it very comfortable to

                explore the object model of an app like FileMaker

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                  Hi Steve,


                  Thanks for the neat code. My post shouldn't have been so sloppy, I didn't cut and paste and I didn't signal that I was typing pseudo-code.


                  I found the work-around with IDs but I guess that by that stage I'd corrected whatever syntax error there was when I was asking for names.


                  I'm working with Smile, which meets my needs nicely. I worked with Script Debugger a few years back when I was doing a lot of AppleScripting and would pay the price immediately if I had to do more than a few quick one liners.