FMP12 Advanced unexpectedly stops

Discussion created by vidkid98 on Jul 24, 2012
Latest reply on Jul 24, 2012 by RonSmithMD

I am running Mac OSX (10.6.8) with FMP12 Advanced 12.0.v2. During my development cycle of going into manage scripts, make a change, test it, etc., I am repeatedly encountering a problem where FMP12 will stop. I cannot discern a common thread to when the stop will occur. However, I can go to the Tools menu, select Script Debugger, and the window will come up showing that a script is running. I can stop the script, but then none of the menus work, I cannot close any of the windows.


The only thing I've been able to do is Force Quit FMP and then restart the application. I don't get any error message that FMP unexpectedly quit (of course becase I force quit the app, I think). I have rebooted the Mac only to see the problem reoccur. In a typical session of 1-2 hours of programming/developing, this stop/force quit cycle will occur 1-3 times. I did not see this problem with earlier FM releases.


I do have a couple of other apps running at the same time, Mail and Safari. My machine has 2 GB of ram (I know not a lot, but since I've never really encountered any problems before, never too the time to add more RAM).


Anybody else experience this problem? Any suggestions on a fix?