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    Volume license install 12.0v2


      When I installed version FileMaker version 12, I changed the "assisted install" file so no shortcut would go on the desktop. Now I want to do a windows volume network install of the update 12.0v2 without a shortcut going to the user's desktop upon installation. There isn't an "assisted install" file to change the installation behavior. Does anyone know a way around this issue?

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          I believe the assisted install is only available on the master installs, not on updates as the information would already be set from the original install.


          Another reason may be that the updaters are provided to everyone via the filemaker website and from what i've seen the assisted install is only for Volume Licensing.

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            this is an pending topic..

            "The only" weakness of FM ("client/server") against web technologies is the installation of their clients.


            - You need a module that manages: the installation of licenses and upgrades.


            1. - Allow sending URI (FMP client installation and upgrades) to users
            2. - Customize installation settings. (Including "preferences", shortcut, etc. ..)
            3. - Disable client installed.
            4. - Upgrade process -> The upgrade equal to "Flash" (very simple, two clicks)



            ...already been requested: Feature Requests


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              The updater is not going to change any of those options you chose originally.  If you don't want to install the updater you can ask FMI for the full v2 installer instead of the updater and do an uninstall of v1, then install v2 using the assistend install file in that full installer

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                Thank you.  Everyone has been helpful with their answers.  This specifically helps but doesn't solve my particular issue at the current moment.  I didn't mention in the original message that we are nearly through with imagining 1000+ computers so we don't want to go back through all the computers before school begins.  So I really need to focus on the updater.