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[ANN] FileMaker Product Developer Conference

Discussion created by Molly Connolly on Jul 25, 2012

Do you have a software solution, product, plugin or app developed in or for FileMaker Pro or FileMaker Go?


What it would it take to double your sales in the next year?


Do you have an idea for a product but you’re not sure how you would market and sell it on a larger scale?


Come join other successful business owners and developers to take part in a 2 Day workshop to explore the many issues we face in today’s increasingly competitive marketplace. Whether you’re an experienced product developer looking for new ideas or someone with a great idea looking to learn from others' experience, this conference is for you.


Conference Dates

October 23-24, 2012

Chicago, IL


Your Conference Hosts are:

Molly Connolly, Thorsen Consulting

Allen Imbarrato, KiBiz Systems, Inc.


Speakers Include:

  • Bill Bennett, Velvet Singer
  • Dave Johnson, Wizard Software
  • Ernest Koe, Proof Group
  • Joe Mastriani, HAPPY Software
  • Matt Navarre, MSN Media


The format of the meeting is a combination of speaker led seminars, roundtable discussions and facilitated workshop sessions. We invite your full participation in a variety of workshops with exercises facilitated by Molly Connolly and Allen Imbarrato.


Workshop topics may include exploring such powerful questions as:


  1.     How to define a compelling purpose, vision and mission for your company that will focus your energies
  2.     How to deal with competition from online databases and iOS apps
  3.     How to improve your sales and marketing strategies
  4.     How to build an effective team and company infrastructure to handle more customers
  5.     What other database tools and platforms do we need to consider adding to stay competitive
  6.     How to provide excellent customer service
  7.     How to fund new products and grow the company faster
  8.     How to deal with the technical challenges such as deploying solutions worldwide, upgrading products to FMP 12, maintaining a modern interface design
  9.     How to grow the necessary personal and professional staff skills and talents needed to stay competitive
  10.     How to support each other and increase the voice of product developers in the FileMaker community to better address our needs


For more information or to be placed on our conference mailing list please contact:


Molly Connolly




Allen Imbarrato



Space is limited so please register early at: