Purchasing Filemaker Server vs. Using Hosting Service

Discussion created by deanchampeau on Jul 25, 2012
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Hi everyone.


Among other things, I do inhouse FMP development for my employer, and I've yet to invest in Server. My solutions so far are not mission-critical, and they tend to be used by small numbers of people, so I've gotten away with having individual copies of FMP serve the solutions to other users. Now that users are comfortable with FMP, I want to tackle a few new solutions that potentially warrant the purchase of Server. However, I'm hearing a lot about how well the product performs over a WAN (especially with things like value lists and the way 12 handles data in container fields). So my question is... If Server 12 performs so well over a WAN, what's my incentive to buying it? Shouldn't I consider using a hosting service instead? It seems like it would be quite a bit cheaper and easier. My needs are not great... I don't have dozens of solutions with billions of records. I have just a couple average solutions that would have a fair amount of container data, but nothing out of the ordinary.


Any insight into this?