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Summary Field Display difference between version 11 & 12

Question asked by mikeo'neil on Jul 25, 2012
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Hi Folks,


I am converting a database from version 11.3 on XP (local file) to version 12.2. I have noticed a difference in displaying a summary field in Percent with two decimal places. In version 11 the field displays “39.91%”, but in version 12 it will display a “?” (if I expand the field width) it displays “.3990610328638498”. If I have 0 decimal places it will display as 40%. I would prefer to not round up or down.


Both version 11 and 12 have the same formatting in the Inspector.


The summary field averages a calculation field that returns a 1 if a condition has been met (Summary setup-Weighted Average by a constant of 1 per record all together).


What am I missing?