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Portals and linking to another field

Question asked by maura5000 on Jul 26, 2012
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Hi there, brand new to Filemaker and this forum, learning as I go


I've run into a bit of a snag in my database design and since im new i have no idea how to search for a topic like this (still getting used to the lingo )

Basically, I have a layout for my product library and we far too many products to display them as individual records containing all the information I want to display. Therefore I was wanting to split the screen layout into 2 tab controls (1 with product lists, separated via tabs for each category of product. And the other tab control containing all the manufacturing details, separated via the tabs for each part of the manufacturing process).


Now where my problem lies is: I am wanting to be able to highlight the product from the portals in the "Product" Tabs and automatically display all the necessary manufacturing details in the "Manufacturing" tabs and i have no idea how. I can do this process with records but it would just be far to space consuming to do that. Any solution would be greatly appreciated (if there is one lol)


Many thanks