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Set Next Serial Value - including non-numeric data

Question asked by davehob on Jul 26, 2012
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During an import, I need to use the "Set Next Serial Value" script step. The key fields that I'm trying to set have non-numeric components, e.g. "PPL000101". The script step increments the numeric part, but leaves out the non-numeric and leading zeroes.


FM help tells me that "If the ID contains non-numeric data, then the calculation would need to be more sophisticated to maintain the numeric and non-numeric data." I'm assuming that this means that I just have to build the key value as a text calc, e.g. "PPL000" & $NextKey (where $NextKey contains the numeric part of the key).


Is that correct? (I need to do this for all of the 25-ish tables, so need to get it right...)