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Difference in Speed for Importing Images on Different Networked Workstations - Any Thoughts as to Why?

Question asked by corkhia on Jul 26, 2012
Latest reply on Aug 16, 2012 by corkhia

I am experiencing very different speeds for importing images when I switch between workstations and we cannot figure out why there is a difference from one machine to another. If anyone has experienced similar issues and found a solution, I would be very greatful for some insight as to what may be causing the varience between machines.


Generally images (references only) are imported using the import folder script step from client machines running XP or Windows 7 and into a database hosted by FM v 12 Advanced server on a Windows server box running 2008 R2.


For testing purposes, using the same process and the images eachtime (and deleting them afterwards), I see the import dialog counting down at very different increments depending on what machine I am working on. I cannot link the speed to the specification of the workstation (mine is a pretty good machine with lots of disk space and 8gb memory on Windows 7 and goes at slowish import rate of about 3 images at a time, whereas an older workstation thunders through imports at >30 images per increment). I have tested about 5 machines on our network and all appear to have different speeds (the slowest going at 1 image per increment, the fastest being 30 x that speed). The OS does not appear to be a factor. I have manually imported/mapped and this is the same speed - so it is not the script that is causing the issue.


Has anyone identified anything similar or could point me towards any factors that might contribute to this behavior?