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Buttons to Edit Cells

Question asked by pakreb on Jul 26, 2012
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Does anyone know how to link buttons to edit cells?


Here's my scenario;


I have to do a manual election count. I'll have 4 things in a group: first thing will be the "Name" cell; the second will be the "Count" cell; the third thing will be a "+1" button and the fourth thing will be a "-1" button.... "John Smith" will be in the first cell, when John Smith gets a vote, I push the +1 button and the Count cell begins showing numbers starting with (of course) 1. If I accidentally gave John Smith a vote, then I push the -1 button which would take a vote away.

I could have multiple names so, I will have multiple groups, but each group should do the above.


Anyone have any ideals?


Thanks, pakreb