Where the hell is hyphenation?

Discussion created by deanchampeau on Jul 26, 2012

FMP 12 has the ability to specify line widths between Hairline and 1pt. The inability of previous versions to do so was a major stumbling-block to my use of Filemaker to directly generate documents for print production. The other issue is hyphenation.


Ok, I realize that it's not a small task to build a hyphenation engine into a piece of software, but Filemaker has been around for about 400 years now... Can't we get this feature? Many users/developers of FMP are in the graphic arts field, and some of us are dying to be able to use Filemaker to do things like build catalogs. In order to be taken seriously as a production artist for these kinds of products, however, you have to be able to hyphenate paragraphs. I know, of course, that there are all kinds of plugins for Indesign and QuarkXPress that allow you to integrate data from a DBMS, but wouldn't it be great to be able to use FMP directly to create the document, and then simply export to PDF when it's time to send the document to the print provider?


Rant over.