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    Prices at the Fontainebleau


      So what did every one think of the prices this year at the hotel they chose?

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          They were outrageous.  Dining locations and seating were very limited and a $28 hamburger is not really in my price range. 

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            Seems to be the concenses with the people I spoke with also.  I also thought it was nuts, not as much of a FM night life there either don't think most people could afford to sit at the bar all night to socialize.

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              Under statement. My total bill there was $2500.00 for a week.


              I can say that most of that was a few beers and a few evening meals.


              Also on saying that i dont think it is where they have the conference you will always pay a high price for a hotel like that..

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                Oh, man. Hate to think I contributed toward the cost.


                Those steaks were amazing though!



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                  Hey Ben,


                  you can pay next year





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                    The good news is that the prices at the Hilton are much more reasonable and the hotel is walking distance to the Gas Lamp.

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                      Yes and the weather is perfect

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                        Hearing those Fontainebleau stories, I am soooo pleased that I didn't go to DevCon this year.


                        I would have been extremely p***@# off to be hit with those 'Dubai pre-GFC' prices after flying half way around the world to get there.  What were the organisers thinking?!?  Or, what were the incentives to discourage any thoughtfulness?


                        But the lesson is learnt:  if it's an FMI DevCon, make sure you check ALL the prices before you book your travel and don't allow trust into the equation.

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                          One beer, one mojito, $32. Drinking at the bar during sessions, priceless.

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                            All the more reason not to distract from an otherwise fabulous, informative and inspirational experience that can be a DevCon and/ or an unconference.

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                              Also make sure you check your bills. We had almost 300 bucks in overcharges removed.


                              The problem with this particular location was that it was a resort within a resort. People remembering the JW Marriot days had similar complaints however usually the JW Marriot resort hotels had more economical options and the bars weren't out of line.


                              I found the biggest issue was that no one could really afford to mingle in the lobby area easily. But hats off the FM crew for putting this on - the conference was well done.

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                                I ate at the hotel the first dinner, and while the food was delicious, the prices were very high. But after that...there was north beach a $7 cab ride away and South Beach $10 away, both with excellent dining. There was a cafe and a CVS (for beer & wine) a short walk away.


                                I ate breakfast, lunch, snacks, one dinner (FBA) and one light evening meal as part of the conference fee and the food was amazing. The "Rat Pack" night was very well done. I stayed in a beautiful, famous hotel I would never otherwise pay for (at 25% of the going room rate) and had my choice of pools, lounge chairs, and hot tubs. And the Atlantic. I'd do the Fontainebleau again, though I think I'm in the minority here.


                                I flew from Miami to another national conference in Washington DC ( for an organization I sell databases to) and the differences were acute. The food was crappy, the exhibitor space depressing, and the meals/drinks were 2x "normal" price (instead of 3x).


                                Aside from the Fontainebleau prices, I was impressed with the quality of presentations, both the keynote, closing, and regular sessions as well as the organization and quality of the conference as a whole.


                                Thanks FMI for a great time.



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                                  I agree with David.  Really enjoyed my week in Miami.


                                  Its something I'd likely never do at rate card prices ($450/night vs $200 devcon) so was nice to live it up a little, esp. when its tax deductible : )  


                                  The facilities & room were great and with South Beach out the back gate it was a winner all round.  As David mentions we were well looked after throughout the conference days food and entertainment wise.


                                  Most hotels milk the sundries but you can work around it - esp with a supermarket a few hundred yards away.  I had a couple of meals in the hotel, while expensive weren't that much more than a couple of similar dinners in town.


                                  Luckily the weather stayed nice most of spare days I'd tagged on, I might feel a little differently if it rained all week.


                                  All in all, one of the best I've attended.  Well done FM Inc and Speakers.


                                  Kind Regards


                                  Olly Groves