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    One DB, 2 DB Servers?


      It seems that the electric and/or internet goes down at my office at even the threat of precipitation or wind. I have a FileMaker server in my office that is accessed by people from all over. Is there a way to have those same databases mirrored on a server in my house so that if the primary one goes down, they can just access info on that one? Of course, these two servers would have to keep data consistent. If someone makes a change to something on Server 1 and then power goes down, Server 2 has to show that change in real time.


      This is literally my first post, if I've done something wrong, please let me know. Thank you.

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          there is no native support for this.

          There is a solution http://www.syncdek.com/syncdek/ tht should cover this, I myself have never tried it.


          I use the XML webpublishing to sync data between servers over the internet, works pretty well. I only sync once a day to get the data I need from one server to the other.

          If you want to mirror a solution it's pretty simple: you can directly call FileMaker XML and import the data into your secondary server.

          Snycing both ways is another, much more complicated issue.

          You can call FileMaker XML via url and directly import it, but the errorhandling is not perfect, I had timeouts that took forever. I use

          360Works Web Assiant http://360works.com/url-plugin/ to get the urls, the error handling is much better and reliable. (As free alternative you could also use 360Works ScriptMaster GetUrl() ).


          You could also consider having your solution hosted, there a few companies around offering FM hosting via the web.