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Prevent New Records from being Created in a Portal

Question asked by user17418 on Jul 26, 2012
Latest reply on Aug 11, 2013 by davidsan

I have two tables. One has a portal pointing to the other. When the parent record gets locked, how do I prevent other users from creating more child records via the portal?

(locked in this context means, based upon the data and state of the record, I the developer have deemed that this record should no longer be editable, so I use Record Level Security to no longer allow editing of the record.)


Right now, I have two layouts. One that you can add more child records via the portal, but when the Parent Record Status = Closed, it goes to the other layout that doesn't have the ability to create a child record via a portal.


But that doesn't seem to be the best solution as the protection is based upon the layout used.


A Further Constraint:

While I can't create a new child record, I can still modify the existing child records. That is something else I wish to prevent when Parent Record Status = Closed. Well only a subset of fields. I still need the owner of a child record to be able to come in and mark the child record as done. (I have been doing this by not allowing access to certain fields in the Portal in Browse mode)


Any ideas?