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Publishing calculated results from relationship values on the web

Question asked by pvh on Jul 26, 2012

Hi Guys, non gender specific greeting


I am having problems getting portal information and fields based on relationshp calculations to display on the web. I have dug around and researched any error messages and have tried to fix the problem but ...well obviously I am stumped.


What is happening: All of the information is in one layout based on the table Clients. Standard fields calculated in Clients have no problem being shown and edited through php. Any fields whose results are based on calculations involving related fields from other tables cannot be shown via php.


In trouble shooting I have created trial fields and swapped between a standard calculated field in Clients and a calculated field using related information from another table CMS (Client Module Scoring). The former goes on the web, the go. It also does not work if I make a calculation field in Clients = Modules::relationshipcalculatedresult


I have tried to set up fields with a lookup to have ther results but I cannot lookup the unstored relationship based fields (so the alrerts keep telling me)


I am using FM11 Pro Server Advanced becasue it has the PHP assistant which throws the informtion in to a page and I can then massage it without having to write from scratch.

The funny thing is (I am about to show my age here) is that I did not have this problem with CDML in 2000, I could show portal information based on relationship data wherever I wanted. As much as I am still sobbing over the demise of such a user friendly software I assume in optimism that I can still show the portals sucessfully now.


Background structure

The portal's fields are a results of calculations which use a number of related fields from a number of different tables. (If you are interested: Table::Modules holds all of the study modules. Table::CMS holds the records of each client's progress, one record for each client for each Module they start.The Clients CMS records results comes into portals on the Client's layout, four portals sorting the modules in to four categories Critical, Essential, Professional and Style. The names are not important they are just to make it a bit clearer here.


While looking at some of the alerts and on the web it seems as if having relationships based on global field contents can cause problems so I have turned all global fields in to a calculation (eg =1) to aviod this problem(if that is one of them).


A heads up on any work arounds or a better way of doing this would be most appreciated.