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PDF Navigation Within FileMaker

Question asked by RonnieHiggins on Jul 26, 2012
Latest reply on Aug 1, 2012 by Oliver_Reid

I have a project that has me calculating pay rates from dozens of union contracts. There are countless rules that can change a pay rate based on specific criteria at the time. No two contracts are written the same or use the same language. Finding any single rule within a thick collection of contracts is proving very slow and painful. This has prompted me to expand the project to include the PDFs of each contract for visual reference against the calculation. These PDFs are scans of pages, not the actual text. So each page is treated like a photo, wihtout the possibility to search within the document.


My questions; how can I display a specific part of a larger PDF file? How can I jump to that specific part (when prompted by an user action)?


Thanks ... Ronnie