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    PDF Navigation Within FileMaker


      I have a project that has me calculating pay rates from dozens of union contracts. There are countless rules that can change a pay rate based on specific criteria at the time. No two contracts are written the same or use the same language. Finding any single rule within a thick collection of contracts is proving very slow and painful. This has prompted me to expand the project to include the PDFs of each contract for visual reference against the calculation. These PDFs are scans of pages, not the actual text. So each page is treated like a photo, wihtout the possibility to search within the document.


      My questions; how can I display a specific part of a larger PDF file? How can I jump to that specific part (when prompted by an user action)?


      Thanks ... Ronnie

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          Probably not going to happen without a LOT of work that has nothing to do with FM...

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            Evernote is a great tool for text recognition inside PDF, JPG and so on. You can search and jump directly inside the desired part of the image on which text has been recognised.


            For integration with Filemaker you could try with its API (http://dev.evernote.com/documentation/cloud/) although I never tried this.

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              Hi Ronnie,


              Are you using v11 or v12?  Mac or PC?


              I've just set up a little experiment in a v12 test file and got better results than expected; I haven't yet tried it in v11 so I don't know about that.


              I'm assuming that the contracts have been scanned via a normal printer/ scanner, but not OCR'd to convert from the PDF/ jpg/ image output, to the Word/ PDF output.  Is this the case?


              I am currently in a PC networked environment, but for these purposes I'm working in on a local machine because I do not have an FMSA server yet.  For the experiment, I used backup files that have been converted to v12.


              I happen to have some similarly scanned documents (pdfs) on hand that also have not been OCR'd.


              The solution file is scripted to insert a pdf (or any doc) into a container field, and then display it in a webviewer.  It was originally written in v9 (I think) and I haven't re-looked at it for quite some time.  It has not yet been rewritten to accomodate v12 in any way.


              At any rate, once the PDF displays in the WV, I discovered that if I click in the WV (ie shift focus to it) and use the keyboard shortcut (Control F), a search box pops up in the upper right corner.  I can search on a bit of text, and, drum roll, it finds each instance perfectly.  I was very surprised at this outcome and I'm just about to re-assess a particular project as a consequence.


              This is not precisely what you asked for but it may be close enough to get a good, flexible outcome.


              I shall now test in v11 to see if things work the same.



              Mardi Kennedy

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                I've just run a test in v11 and it also works fine.  When you open the un-OCR'd pdf in a webviewer, select the web viewer and invoke Find, you can search on text details.




                Mardi Kennedy

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                  In 12 you can set up a conatainer field and in the Inspector set "optimize for interactive content"


                  The you can click thorugh the pages of the pdf or insert page number and go to it


                  To scipt going to specifc page, one way might be to use repeating container and insert each page ( or relevant part of a  page) in repetitions. Then use set field to move the spcifc page you want into a global conatainer to view it.