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    DevCon 2012 Benefits-oh let me count the ways


      A week after DevCon, my first, and I'm finally realizing how much it was worth. There was so much information there, all the sessions were amazing. But its finally hit me how much I learned. Let me list them (and no judgement please, on me JUST learning this stuff).


      GetValue function - never used that before. Amazing. SO much fun to create a looping script that pulls values based on a varible.

      The List function with the GetValue

      ExecuteSQL (how did I live without this)

      Variables galore (Ive used variables, but not to the extent that I now use them)

      Charting (finally understand that damn process!)

      FM Go inspiration. I can't wait to convince the principals at my schools (who still use excel at their computers) there's so much we can do.

      Container fields

      ExecuteSQL (again). It really clicked for me today, after about 15 minutes of trying to understand it. I learned you can't place variables in the direct statement, but those come in during the arguments.

      Freeing up my code from dependencies. (what an amazing idea).

      Design tips .


      While in FL sipping $17 glasses of wine, I sat in on some of the more advanced classes. Every hour, I walked out of a class feeling like there's SO MUCH to Filemaker that I don't know. But hearing the experts and know-it-alls I am finally piecing together all the little fragments and ideas into better ways to do what I need to do.


      Thanks Bob (the teacher of a class I felt was in a different language for me at first) for your high-level material and post-devcon email conversations.
      Thanks David for being my roommate and giving me some quick tips that have helped me tremendously.

      And Thank you Cris for inspiring me to take the exam, to study for it and to go for it.


      Where do i sign up for the next one?

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          Welcome to the fold!

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            Jeremy may have been bitten,


            Have you seen the FMP doctor yet? That bite is not fatal but it does cause sleeplessness, amazement, continual desire to learn something new about FMP, and often a desire to help others.


            Welcome the the community of helpers.

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              Jeremy --


              This was my third DevCon, and I share your feelings about it. What a great conference!


              It's always interesting to learn how others are using FileMaker, and to see some of their techniques. FileMaker 12 is a great release, and seeing how others are using some of the new features (especially the new ExecuteSQL function) was very beneficial. I've been spending some time going over my notes and the conference materials to get more familiar with some of the new techniques that I saw.


              What really impressed me the most about this DevCon was the FileMaker community itself. There are so many helpful, and genuinely nice people that contribute to the community. That includes fellow developers, the conference presenters, and the staff of FileMaker Inc. It is this sense community that makes me feel even more certain that my decision to stake my business and career on the FileMaker platform is a good one.


              There's an interesting thread in the forum ("Bye Bye FileMaker") where a developer shared his frustration and decision to abandon FileMaker, and others are both sympathizing with him and sharing their reasons for sticking with FileMaker. I've been there myself - and was not so long ago, in fact. But after attending DevCon 2012, I've now got a renewed appreciation and enthusiasm for FileMaker. I like where it is at this moment, and where it appears to be headed in the future. It's exciting, and I feel that there has never been a better time to be a FileMaker developer.


              Looking forward to DevCon 2013!

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                Thanks to you, for being a great roommate and so enthusiastic about Filemaker!