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Slow Backup after 11v3 upgrade

Question asked by hschlossberg on Jul 27, 2012

One of my clients was having an ODBC issue and I noticed recently that they were still running FMS 11v2. The FMS 11v3 updater addresses an ODBC memory leak issue, so I had them upgrade to 11v3. We haven't had a chance to test the ODBC issue, but...


They have a rather large database (off the top of my head, probably 6-8 GB spread across multiple files).


With 11v2, the nightly backup of their five core (i.e. largest) files took from 5 - 20 seconds, and the file verification took another 2½-3 minutes.


With 11v3, the same exact backup averages about 2½ minutes and the file verification now takes about 1½ HOURS.


No settings, hardware, processes or anything have changed on this server -- just the upgrade from v2 to v3. Has anyone seen such drastic increases in backup times with this upgrade?