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    Next year Admission pricing


      We had an intriguing discussion during one of our lunches at our table about DevCon pricing and I was just wondeirng what some of your opinions are on this.


      The point was made that while it's great to get a free copy of FileMaker Advanced with the conference, that many of us already have it (whether thru FBA or in house, etc) and

      maybe an option for attending might be to offer a discount if you forego the free copy? Even $200 knocked off the admission base price would be helpful.


      Would this be something that matters ? Or do most of you like getting the free copy? I was wondering do people actually attend who don't have a current copy of advanced to begin with?

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          Free is good either way right.


          You never know when you need to load a copy of Advance on a machine. I use my copies as Robot machines..


          Just my thoughts........



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            To me it doesnt matter as i already have it through volume licensing so $200 off the price would benefit me greatly.


            Even some other options such as $x amount off purchases from an exhibitor or something creative like that.

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              I would like an option to get all of the PreCon seminars included instead of FileMaker Advanced.

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                WOW Steve,


                They won't do that for sure.....

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                  That would make the Gold package just about pointless.

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                    Don't think that is going to happen.  The Developer copy is just a nice bonus for those who attend Devcon and it insures everyone who attends has a copy to work with, which probably saves a lot of aggravation for new attendees as well as the show organizers.


                    The cost of proviing a complementary copy of Filemaker for FMI is relatively trivial, and there is no way they could afford to give us $200 off in place of that comp. 


                    What WOULD help is to make sure we are in nice facilities that don't charge $48 for an ala-carte steak and $11 for a baked potato.  lol.


                    All in all was a great Devcon. 

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                      If it was optional then that would be great, sounds more like a dream though. Not sure it would warrant $200 off since it's costing them literally nothing to include it,and therefore they'd be losing money by giving the discount.


                      It is good for first timers who are coming to find out what it's all about. It also encourages people, I think, to start using it if they haven't before.


                      There's also the fact that many people who haven't converted to 12, and not sure when to make the conversion, have the chance to test their conversions without comitting to buying the upgrade.


                      If it was an option, I would take the discount because I work in house and fotunate enough to have a maintenance release, so it isn't much of a bonus for us. Though completely understand why they do it.


                      Best  Regards



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                        I would love the discount. The copy for FM12 is sitting in the bottom of my bag, unopened. I have access to two site licenses for two different schools. Not sure what I'm gonna do with the CD, but i think it was great of FM to give it out.

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                          I feel the same way about the copy of FM12. It's nice, but not necessary. Maybe instead of providing a physical copy, they could add a license key for it to our Software License Keys (listed here on the FileMaker Technical Network site.


                          Also, the conference DVD doesn't really seem necessary. It would be nice if we could just download everything (which I think we need to do anyway after the conference to get the updates). And for that matter, the conference binder / book doesn't see necessary. I found the DevCon2Go database to be a great way to learn about the sessions and plan things this year.


                          It would also be nice if we had a way to opt out of the "swag." I really don't need another backpack / bag, t-shirt, etc. I try to travel super lite, and this just makes doing so more of a challenge.


                          I don't care if these changes lower the price of admission or not (although that would be nice). It just seems like the right things to do.

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                            I actually thought this year's shirt and towel were nice addition and now I wish I had used the suntan lotion for my burnt day on the beach lol.

                            The only thing I'd keep though is the binder. I don't like carrying my iPad during devcon sessions and the book is well organized and useful IMO.

                            I was only throwing out 200 bucks as an example. I do like your idea Tim about the conference DVD - it's usually out of date from day one anyway lol. Of course it would help to have good internet connections available at the venue