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    Strange behavior boolean checkbox


      What's happening to me? Using FMPA 11.0v4 on Mac Mini- Snow Leopard. Field [number] 'current_flag' [indexed- viewable in browse/find, true - tab, enter], value list 'Boolean", value: 1, no script triggers on any aspect of the file, the table that contains 'current_flag' is associated with the layout, text formatting on the field is A-OK[verdana-black-plain], line width [for check box] 1pt-black...

      The formatted field [check box set-VL = Boolean {1}] shows the black check box, but does not display the '1' from the value list, and does not toggle when clicking on the check box. This behavior is repeatable with a related number field. I imported the table into a new file and the check box works fine.

      Am I dealing with a layout corruption or table or file corruption, or is there some other formatting function I have over-looked. I use this setup often and have never had this behavior occur.