Filemaker and SAP

Discussion created by kylerm on Jul 27, 2012
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I'm in the midst of creating a solution which integrates Filemaker with SAP using an ODBC connection. I'm on Fm Server 9 advanced however my development client is Fm Pro Adv 11.


I was wondering if there were any veterans out there willing to post a few success stories? horror stories?


I've been running everything on a development copy of my companies SAP database, and have been well on my way updating records, connecting to tables, etc.


It all seems a lot easier than I anticipated, well considering I did dive into the ESS tech briefs as much as possible beginning my endeavor. I want to know if anyone's come in across any 'gremlins' with Fm and SAP. Do I have to worry about filemaker corrupting my SAP database? Is there anything I should watch out for (aside from the obvious: totaling a live company file if I'm not super careful!)