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    Filemaker and SAP


      I'm in the midst of creating a solution which integrates Filemaker with SAP using an ODBC connection. I'm on Fm Server 9 advanced however my development client is Fm Pro Adv 11.


      I was wondering if there were any veterans out there willing to post a few success stories? horror stories?


      I've been running everything on a development copy of my companies SAP database, and have been well on my way updating records, connecting to tables, etc.


      It all seems a lot easier than I anticipated, well considering I did dive into the ESS tech briefs as much as possible beginning my endeavor. I want to know if anyone's come in across any 'gremlins' with Fm and SAP. Do I have to worry about filemaker corrupting my SAP database? Is there anything I should watch out for (aside from the obvious: totaling a live company file if I'm not super careful!)

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          Kylerm may have imported Gremlins,


          Are you aware that SAP maintains some internal data that is not in the underlying database? Changing data in the underlying database without going thru the SAP API can cause a disconnect between the SAP cached data and the stored data. We do interact with the SAP data but only thru the SAP Business Connector, that's what its for.


          If you are going directly to the underlying DB you could be introducing 'Gremlins' into the SAP system. I'd clear the changes you are doing with your SAP administrator to make sure there won't be any problems.


          Otherwise you could become Gremlin chow when you start interacting with the live SAP system.

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            Yikes, nothing seems a miss as of yet. Just the same, looks like I'll be putting the breaks on my current architecture.


            Have you had any experience with iBOLT? I'm thinking that this may be my next option for sound interface with SAP, as my company already owns a license and I couldn't dig up any info regarding SAP B1 and the SAP Business Connector. Other apps in my company use it to exchange data with SAP. Any thoughts on iBOLT and filemaker?


            Thanks in advance and I appreciate any info/insight you can provide.