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IWP login results in blank white page?

Question asked by justinc on Jul 27, 2012
Latest reply on Jul 30, 2012 by justinc

At various points some IWP users will enter their login information, but then only get a blank white web page as a result. No error messages, no 'Database Homepage' default page, nothing. Their names don't seem to show up in the Server client list, even. This problem does not affect all users equally or at the same time. Sometimes some people get the error, while others at the exact same time do not.


Anyone happen to know what is causing the white screen? Does anyone know if users have to FINISH the "On File Open" script before being considered 'logged in' (that is, showing up in the logs and on the Server's client list)? I am wondering if this is a problem with our login script or with IWP itself. We have made various changes to the script to try and narrow it down, but haven't had conclusive results.


The problem also seems to be correctable, at least temporarily and depending on what browser is being used, by clearing cookies. I have instructed many people to block all cookies for our website if using Firefox. That seems to work well for folks. I don't know if I can say that it is a guaranteed fix, though. As a side note, I noticed that Chrome only seems to get 1 cookie ('jsessionID'), whereas Firefox and Safari create two cookies ('jsessionID' and 'fmi-cookie') when logging in.


Sometimes a different browser works, sometimes they try again later and it works, clearing cookies sometimes works.



- J