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    IWP login results in blank white page?


      At various points some IWP users will enter their login information, but then only get a blank white web page as a result. No error messages, no 'Database Homepage' default page, nothing. Their names don't seem to show up in the Server client list, even. This problem does not affect all users equally or at the same time. Sometimes some people get the error, while others at the exact same time do not.


      Anyone happen to know what is causing the white screen? Does anyone know if users have to FINISH the "On File Open" script before being considered 'logged in' (that is, showing up in the logs and on the Server's client list)? I am wondering if this is a problem with our login script or with IWP itself. We have made various changes to the script to try and narrow it down, but haven't had conclusive results.


      The problem also seems to be correctable, at least temporarily and depending on what browser is being used, by clearing cookies. I have instructed many people to block all cookies for our website if using Firefox. That seems to work well for folks. I don't know if I can say that it is a guaranteed fix, though. As a side note, I noticed that Chrome only seems to get 1 cookie ('jsessionID'), whereas Firefox and Safari create two cookies ('jsessionID' and 'fmi-cookie') when logging in.


      Sometimes a different browser works, sometimes they try again later and it works, clearing cookies sometimes works.



      - J

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          I certainly think you are looking at one of 2 types of problems:


          1. It may be the cookies and perhaps the cache.... client side.

          If their browser preferences are set to deny or ask about cookies, you may get a problem... so check that cookies are allowed... especially the ones you mentioned.

          If an error occurred during loading, it is also possible they are getting the partially cached version of the page that only managed to load white before it failed. Yes you could delete the cache but better doing a reload on the page to see if that flushes the problem.

          2. It could be memory... not enough on the server... or perhaps not enough for the server cache assignment. There is also a server setting about using sessionIDs so check what it says...


          It may... as you say... have something to do with your opener script. I obviouly can't check this.

          If you don't have enough free sessions it may also be problematic... but you usually get an error message about this.


          You don't give us much info about platform for server and client etc but I assume you are on a Mac (using Safari) ? What versions of OSX and FMSA (or is it just FMP?)


          - Lyndsay

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                 Thanks for the reply; you mention a few good points that I hadn't consider yet.  I will spread the word about just trying to reload and see if some folks get any results with that.


            I am more skeptical about the cookie suggestions, though.  We, so far, have been having MUCH better luck by blocking cookies from the server.


            Yeah, I didn't give too many details about configuration; sorry about that. 

                 Dedicated server hardware (i.e. all it does is FMS)

                 FMSA 12 running on Mac OS X 10.6.8

                 2x2.93Ghz Quad Core Intel Xeon

                 Server memory:  24GB

                 Memory Cache:  10GB


            I don't think that it is a free session issue; my informal data collection (i.e. my personal visual checks) has only found 5-6 people logged in at one time, at most.  I don't know how long FMSA 'holds' a session in cache to reserve to the same user, or if it even considers those as 'concurrent' (assuming that they are not actively on the server, e.g. have been kicked out by our timer - 30 min, BTW).  But I really don't think that we are getting close to the 100 limit.


            I am, as mentioned, relatively new at this.  I haven't been able to fathom WHAT the difference in our Open script might be that would cause a problem for IWP.  We do a layout change and a record find, that's about it.  (The record find was new with our conversion to FM12, so we tested turning that off.  We seem to have about the same results either way, though.)